Neuro Emotional Technique Melbourne Practiotioner.

Dr, Jim is Certified in Neuro Emotional Technique

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Dr. Jim Skivalidas is

Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Melbourne Practitioner.

Neuro Emotional Technique

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Mind - Body, Neuro Emotional Technique Melbourne Practitioner Support

Helping Your Body Heal, Naturally


Homeopathic remedies help safely activate your body’s natural healing abilities. We have selected the most essential ingredients which have consistently proven to be helpful in restoring your body to optimal health. NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) remedies are the finest products available on the market today. Therapeutically, the NET Remedies multiple-potency approach provides continuous support as your body’s needs change during your overall healing process.


Quality Ingredients


NET Remedies (Neuro Emotional Technique Melbourne Practitioner Remedies) are prepared by starting with quality ingredients that have been turned into liquid form. This liquid is then diluted in water a specific number of times. With each dilution process, the liquid is shaken (succussed) to energize it. The end product often contains less than 1 part per billion of the originally active ingredient! If you’ve ever taken a large, hard-to-swallow pill, you may wonder how such a minute amount of homeopathic ingredient could make a difference in your body. But consider the hormone created by your thyroid gland. Its concentration in your blood is around 1 part in 10 billion. Yet, that’s enough to regulate the metabolism of your entire body! The beauty of homeopathy is that "less is more."


It is important to understand that when using homeopathy, even though an ingredient is listed on the label, the full-strength version of that ingredient is not in the bottle. Although there are some cases where the full-strength version of an ingredient might be undesirable, the diluted homeopathic version will safely activate your body’s healing process.


Safe and Effective


All of the NET Remedies alcohol-free products are natural, non-habit forming and free of sugar, yeast, gluten and sodium. They are also compatible with vitamins, supplements, herbs and medicines (including prescription drugs). That makes NET Remedies safe and effective for just about everyone — babies, children, pregnant and nursing mothers, the elderly, and pets too! Your practitioner can recommend NET Remedies formulas that will help your body naturally heal, repair, strengthen and prevent future illness.