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Dr. Jim Skivalidas is

Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Melbourne Practitioner.

Neuro Emotional Technique

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Perhaps you’re driving in rush hour traffic and someone swerves into your lane. You immediately take sudden action or slam on the breaks. Your hands sweat, your heart pumps faster, adrenaline rushes through your body. Your cells told your body to get ready. It’s instigated the fight or flight response. This same process can also occur when a person is simply recalling that stressful event weeks or years later. Your body replicates the same response just from the memory.


Take another example…visualize biting into a lemon. Think about it. Bright yellow colour, its fragrance, and its sharp flavor. Doesn’t just thinking about it make your mouth water? The memory of your previous taste of a lemon replicates the same response in your body today even though you don’t have a lemon near you.


The body’s response to stress works the same way. Emotional responses are made up of neuropeptides (amino acid chains) that attach to their receptors on your tissue cells. Stressful situations cause the part of the cell called the neuron to eject these amino acid chains so that they carry their “message” to other parts of your body where they become attached to their neuroreceptors.


Normally we deal with a stressful situation and move on. But sometimes, our system is out of balance and won’t let go of it. That’s where NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) helps. NET helps you find and remove these unresolved stress patterns, then your body and mind can heal itself relieving you of the headaches, chronic pain, phobia or whatever symptom that is caused by this unresolved stress.


Do you find that situations from your past still cause you great discomfort today? Perhaps it’s time to consult with a NET practitioner. If you are near Por Melbourne, South Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park, Docklands,contact my office and set up an appointment.


Discover how Dr. Jim and  neuro emotional technique - melbourne practitioner may help you achieve greater balance in you physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.



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