Neuro Emotional Technique Melbourne Practiotioner.

Dr, Jim is Certified in Neuro Emotional Technique

55 Rouse St Port Melbourne

9646 8600

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Dr. Jim Skivalidas is

Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Melbourne Practitioner.

Neuro Emotional Technique

Kinesiology Melbourne - Port Melbourne

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1. Support and Results with Neuro Emotional Technique Care in Melbourne with Dr. Jim.


As a Neuro Emotional Technique, Melbourne Kinesiologist & Practitioner, I only work in areas of health that I may contribute to with support and results. People may seek care for



Anxiety and depression

Self esteem



Life direction and achieving goals

Low energy

Feeling stuck

Making decisions

Stress related issues such as poor digestion and physical pain


2. Multiple therapies combined with Neuro Emotional Technique Melbourne and other holistic chiropractic approaches.


I use Neuro Emotional Technique and Kinesiology combined with holistic chiropractic techniques to determine which therapy you need through out your session. The session is completely tailored to what your body tells me it needs. With a variety of therapies to choose from, balance is achieved much faster in your body. I use the following therapies, which I am always expanding!




Homepathic Remedies

Traditional Chinese Medicine principles

Naturopathic Supplements

Posture advice and exercises

Lifestyle advice

Sleep Solutions



3. Working at your pace and in a beautiful environment


As Neuro Emotional Technique, Melbourne Kinesiology approach is primarily about asking the body directly what it needs, we work with this wisdom in the process of bringing you life into balance. Sometimes it can feel confronting facing fears or taking risks, or even talking about your issue. Our beautiful Port Melbourne clinic, we provide a relaxing, healing environment and simply communicate to you what your body tells me and support you along the way. Down the road from Bay Street including healthy cafes where delicious food can be enjoyed! Take some time out for you and make it a real healing experience for yourself.


4. Understanding the process.


My Neuro Emotional Technique, Melbourne Kinesiology training is different from some others and I focus strongly on helping you understand the information that comes up and about the process of shifting energy and making changes in your behavior. Even if you are not used to this type of thing, I aim to explain it in a simple way that you connect with. Kinesiology is like having a meeting with yourself, and you should be present!


5. Neuro Emotional Technique, Melbourne Kinesiology turned my life around. A passion for what I do...


A long time ago, Kinesiology brought me out of a very disfunctional time in my life. It absolutely turned my life around. Since then, I continue to see Kinesiologists to keep my life in balance and to grow with grace. It's like sometimes you need Kinesiology to rebuild the motor in your car, sometimes you just need a regular service!


I have helped many people turn their lives around and feel empowered to live a life they choose. I am passionate about this work and I feel that if everyone was able to be true to themselves and do what they felt inspired to do, very positive change could happen in the world. I'd love for you to experience the benefits of Kinesiology and I would be very happy to introduce you to this fantastic therapy!



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